Thank you for visiting The Chimney Outpost, the official blog of Chimney Works.  This blog is dedicated to educating folks all across the world about heating their homes with a fireplace or stove.

Whether you use your fireplace or stove as a primary heat source, a secondary heat source, or just occasionally light a fire for special events, your fireplace needs attention.  It is not unlike electric or oil heaters in that it will periodically require maintenance and inspection to ensure it is safe and in proper working order.  However, unlike appliances in your home, your fireplace and chimney will last you a lifetime if properly maintained.

Chimney Works is proud to serve in a business that helps keep you and your families safe.  We know that every time a truck leaves our office, it is going to help ensure that another family is safe for another burning season, and that gives us a sense of pride and purpose.  Likewise, we hope that we can do the same for families all across the world via the internet.

Please take some time to review the site, and feel free to contact me if you have questions that you would like adressed with an article on our blog.

Thank you!

-Steve May, Owner, Chimney Works & Rocky Mountain Stoves