Easy and Cheap Fireplace Makeover: Whitewashing Brick

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Need a design idea to lighten up your brick fireplace or hearth?

We have created a video to help all you DIYers do just that.  Whitewashing brick is an easy and cheap way to keep the classic look of a brick fireplace, even if your home’s color scheme doesn’t allow the earthy red tones that come with most brick.

Watch the video for practical advice, or read on for the notes below.

Quick tips for whitewashing brick:

  1. Prepare your surface by cleaning your brick with water and a stiff brush.
  2. Remove any old paint or plaster that may be on your brick with water or a soft scraper. Take care not to damage the brick.
  3. Mix 50% paint and 50% water for your whitewash. Primers seem to adhere best. Aim for the consistency of milk.
  4. Brush on your whitewash with a brush. Try doing the mortar joints first, and brushing the brick face last.
  5. Don’t worry if you coat unevenly as you go along, you will have plenty of chances to fix it with a rag or in touch up.
  6. Use your rag after you have worked a small section of the brick, wipe the entire surface of the brick and try to stay ahead of any runs or drips.
  7. The porous brick will absorb the paint, so even ares you may have covered heavily will lighten as the whitewash dries.
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