Firewood Infographic

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Things everyone should know before they burn.Putting this out there, if anyone would like the template let me know and I’ll consider sharing it.

  • Moisture is bad. Burning unseasoned wood can cause creosote buildup.
  • Green Firewood has up to 60% moisture.
  • Seasoned Firewood has less than 25% moisture.
  • Dont trust the color, use a moisture meter.
  • Different wood takes different times to season. Oak & Hickory may require up to two years, while Ash and Maple may season in less than a year.
  • Store your firewood off the ground, keep it dry and let it breathe.
  • Harder, denser woods give more heat. Softer, lighter woods give less heat.
  • A cord of wood is 8X4X4 feet stacked


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